Young Living Essential Oils Post Surgery and Pain Relief for Dogs


Last year my dog Haley had surgery.  At that time, she was 9yrs. old. She is super sensitive to anything happening to her body, a total woos about pain. I picked her up around 6pm.  She was moving surprisingly well.  Pain meds were given to her before leaving the vet office.

She was tired but clearly REALLY glad to get home.  The night of her surgery, I applied Young Living Lavender topically on the surgery site directly along the length of the incision. I then applied a small bit of Animal Scents Ointment on top of the lavender right along the incision site to seal in the essential oil and to keep the incision soft.  There are essential oils in the ointment as well that are great for healing skin wounds and they have a soothing effect as well.

The morning after surgery she was not moving around much, I assume due to pain.  I decided to give her a lot of Young Living Essential Oils mixed directly into her food with her breakfast so that she got the oils internally.  I was carefully watching her response to the oils to determine if she also needed pain meds or if the essential oils were enough.

In her food, I used 20 drops each of Young Living Peppermint, Vetiver and Palo Santo to ease pain and to speed up the healing time.

Haley's Incision the first night after surgery

Please note that Haley has been used to getting Young Living Essential Oils in her food ever since she was a pup.  However, this was by far the most volume I had given her at one time!  If she were not used to ingesting these oils, I would have started out with only a few drops at first to see how she responded.

And, please note, I would ONLY give her Young Living Oils internally and I would never try to use anything other than these therapeutic, medicinal grade, essential oils for these purposes because I totally trust the quality in each batch of oils from Young Living.

Shortly after breakfast she went outside together.  She promptly laid down. After about 10 minutes she started moving around a tiny bit.  Each time she moved around, she did so for a bit longer.  Then, after the 3rd time she got up to move around, her tail went up, she mustered a few tail wags and then she had a big long pee.  About a half hour after I gave the oils internally in her breakfast she had a small darkish poop.  Finally she was where I had hoped she would be the morning after the surgery.  I felt better seeing that she was feeling better enough to be moving around, tail wagging and that she had peed and pooped.

Because she seemed so comfortable after taking the oils internally, I chose not to give her any of the subscription pain meds.  Each day, I gauged how she was moving around and what her comfort level was in order to help me determine if she needed any pain meds or more essential oils internally.

The 1st day after surgery I continued with 2 doses of oils internally.  She was a bit tired, but otherwise she was moving around easily through the day. I used Lavender again topically 1-2 times that day to help the surgery site heal well. I used Young Living Lavender directly on the surgery site without diluting it.  She had no reactions at all.  Except that she seemed to feel better.  Within 24 hours, the redness around the surgery incision site decreased with the use of Lavender directly on it.

The 2nd day after surgery I again gave oils internally in her food with her breakfast and dinner.  However, I decreased the amount to about 10 drops of Peppermint, Palo Santo and Vetiver since she seemed so comfortable.

14 days after surgery, Beautiful Skin!

On the third day, she only needed the oils internally in the morning.  She seemed fine after that without any internal oils at all, just continuing with Lavender topically on the incision site and a bit of Animal Scents Ointment to seal in the Lavender and help the surgery site heal.

Typically the staples would be removed after 10 days.  In 7 days, she had half of the staples removed because it was healing so fast, and a few days later, she had the rest taken out.

The vet was very surprised that she never needed any pain meds once she was home and was impressed with how quickly and well the surgery site healed.

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