Thieves All Purpose Cleaner Bug Spray for Home & Stable

Bugs got you annoyed?

Try using Thieves All Purpose Household Cleaner with a Lawn and Garden sprayer. Great for porches, kennels, farm, stables and any outdoor space as an effective non-toxic bug repellant.

Thieves All Purpose Household Cleaner

I began using this awesome all purpose cleaner made by Young Living diluted in my horses shed and on my porch about a month ago once the temperature reached the 80′s. No sign of flies, wasps, stink bugs or spiders in the shed now. They had begun to appear prior to using the Thieves Cleaner as a bug repellant.

I really love this stuff.  It is so easy.

Check out the short video to see how and what I did;

Young Living Thieves® Household Cleaner is a non-toxic, great smelling, easy to use, cost effective bug spray for home and stable.  I have used it in my horses feed room and I have no concerns using it around feed or hay, or if they get it on them or ingest it.  The scent is wonderful and this is non-toxic.  I have also used Thieves Cleaner as a shampoo for myself, dogs, cats, horses.  This is the cleaner I use to wash and scrub out the horses water trough, buckets, feed tubs.  I love using a product where I do not have to worry about the fumes, if it gets on food, gets inhaled or ingested.  It actually smells and tastes great, and is even good for you!  What a lovely change from chemical cleaners where I would not use the chemical cleaners in any of the ways mentioned.

Ordering & Information go to www.youngliving.com/oneheartsr

Thieves® Household Cleaner is a natural, healthy all around purpose product. Use as a replacement for toxic cleansers you may currently have in your house – check your ingredients of your current products.  There are likely to be at least half a dozen chemical and toxic products that can be replaced using this green, ecologically friendly, plant-based cleaner.  Containing Thieves essential oil, a highly anti-bacterial, anti-mold blend plus additional therapeutic-grade lemon oil for extra cleaning power.

Go Here for more information on Thieves Essential Oil Blend, Thieves® All Purpose Household Cleaner as well as the rest of the Thieves products-  click here-

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