Stink Bugs Be Gone with Young Living Essential Oils

Don’t like Dive Bombing Insects?

Last May I discovered a non-toxic, great scented recipe that Stink Bugs** evidently do not like!  I have been hearing increasing numbers of people complaining once again about those dive bombing, weird, pre-historic looking creatures. So, here is my update on them and how I have been dealing with them.

This is what I consider my high powered mix that works for all kinds of creepy crawlies and dive bombing Stink Bugs.

But, I caution you to learn from my experiences; if I vary even by one oil or one ingredient, or dilute it after I use half of it up, than this recipe has not worked as well.  It still works, but not as well.

The first time I used it, was just for creepy crawlies last May, 2011.  I was not even thinking to use it for Stink Bugs since they are so ‘retardant’ to just about everything.  But, after a week or two of spritzing around the kitchen with this mix, I realized there were hardly any stink bugs.  Before spraying this mix, they were growing in numbers daily.  So, every time I’d see another Stinker, I’d remove it to the outside, and spritz around again.

I didn’t have any Stink Bugs all summer, and this fall, typically a terrible time for them, and when everyone was once again complaining about tons of Stink Bugs, I barely had any!  Except in my horse’s feed shed.  When Yup, you guessed it, in that distinctly stink bug manner, all of a sudden, one warm day in October, about 50 appeared!  Ugh.  I opened my feed room door, only to be greeted by dive bombing!  No, no, no, that was not acceptable in my feed room!  So, I brought out my stink bug spritzer and sprayed the heck out of the feed room.  Because these are therapeutic grade, I thought, hmm, it’d be good for the feed and hay too!  And, I was not worried about my inhaling any toxic fumes, I could inhale deeply all those great for you aromas.

It did take a few days of spraying each day in the feed room, but then, they disappeared in the shed too. Phew!  And so far, they have not returned in the shed except for an occasional loner.  Even on those warm winter days we have had here in Virginia.  Not bad, right?

In the house, this winter, they have reappeared — however, only a handful.  I have heard people saying they have at least 50 or more a day roaming and diving around.  And, I realized this a.m. as I was reviewing the original recipe, that I had been omitting the Witch Hazel this winter, and had added Thieves.  I had run out of Witch Hazel and forgot to get more.  Plus, I had been adding and omitting other oils just to see which is most effective and what is really needed.  So, I am thinking that once I get the Witch Hazel back into the recipe, those few stragglers will be gone as well.

My conclusion, DO Not Vary this recipe for best results!  And, only use Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils of course!

In a 12 oz spritz bottle;
10 drops each of:

Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree)

Mix with equal amounts of Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel and Distilled or Spring Water to fill the bottle.

You might ask, ‘Why do each of these work, why the Witch Hazel, why Aloe Vera Juice?’  Honestly, it is a mystery!  But I like having a very non-toxic, very good for you, way to deal with this pesky problem!

P.S. I spritzed along the floor edges of the cabinets in my kitchen, counter tops, and along the sliding glass door bottoms.

If you try this mix, and have similar results, or no results, let me know, I want to test this out in more than my household!

Happy Oiling!

Oh, P.P.S.  Someone recently tried Thieves Cleaner for her counter tops and a nice side effect was that her ever growing Fruit Flies were GONE, right away.  Nice eh?

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2 Responses to “Stink Bugs Be Gone with Young Living Essential Oils”

  1. JC says:

    Does this mix work for spiders? I was plagued with huge wolf spiders this past summer. I also have teensy tiny ants that drive me bonkers from early spring to late fall. I’m new to YLEO and have tried peppermint for the ants. It seemed to work but it was late in the season so I’m not sure if it was the oil that worked or if it was just their time to be gone.

    • Sandy says:

      I’d start with what has already worked. In my experience this combination has worked with bugs of all kinds depending upon where it gets sprayed. When I have had issues with any kind of creepy crawlies on the floor, I spray this mixture around the edges of the kitchen, or area in question. For flying bug issues I spray it around the outside of the room. The worse the problem, the more frequently I spray until things have calmed down. I think spraying it more than once over time seems to help over a longer period. hope this helps. Let us know how it works! Sandy


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