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How to Place Your First Order

With Everyday Oils and Start Living Collection.

Here are some Tips to help you through the ordering process.

1) Your kit is a $225 value for only $150.  It contains the wonderful 9 Everyday Oils Collection, plus a bonus bottle of lavender and peppermint.  Purchasing this collection gives you a 24% discount on all future purchases with wholesale pricing.  And, you will also get a coupon for 50% off an essential oils home diffuser.


2) When you click on “Get Started Now” at the bottom of this page you will connect with Sandy Rakowitz’s Young Living Ordering website, www.youngliving.com/oneheartsr and you will be taken to a welcome page. To begin the ordering process, click on “Sign Up Now.”  Then, on the next page, in order to choose the best pricing possible click on the Wholesale membership pricing/ Independent Distributors.  Once you view the policies and procedures, click “I accept.”  Double check to make sure that Sandy Rakowitz and member ID# 75479 is at the top of this page.  Our recommended kit for new essential oil users is the Start Living with Everyday Oils Collection (code 3700), however there are additional options that you can look through and choose instead.  Click the collection of your choice.


3) Now that you are enrolled you will be given your own member number.  Please make a note of this number in a safe place for future reference.  You are now eligible to purchase at wholesale for all your orders, and we have no annual membership fee.  Wholesale members do need to place a minimum order of $50PV* every 12 months to maintain their wholesale pricing. Congratulations on taking this important step to more vibrant health. * PV refers to the point value for each product and can be found next to the price of each product.  Prices and PV are generally the same though there are some products with lower PV than prices.

Note:  Print this out for reference when you place your order.


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