Chivalry™ Essential Oil Blend: Strategy for Bravery, Confidence and Well-Being for Dogs, Horses, People

Chivalry™ is one of my favorite blends!  Fantastic for all kinds of situations with people and animals to reduce stress and tension while enhancing confidence, courage and a centered balance.

Chivalry™ essential oil blend was formulated by Young Living to promote bravery, valor, daring, confidence, and feelings of well-being. The ideals of courage and nobility can be unleashed through this refreshing blend.

When I work with dogs who show in Agility or Obedience this blend gives an extra special boost of confidence and grounding.  This blend is equally as powerful for show horses in any discipline.

For any facet of daily living or for the Performance Person, whether it is giving a talk, going into a meeting, running a race, athletics of any kind, or any area of day-to-day life where you need a boost of confidence and grounding, I have found this blend to be superb. Women find this blend heavenly AND I have also found that men LOVE using this blend!

Young Living combines these four heavenly essential oil blends; Valor, Joy, Harmony and Gratitude to make Chivalry.

You may have noticed that this blend is still posted in the Product Guide, and that it has been out of stock….

If you don’t have any Chivalry left – I recommend you make your own blend.

I have often used Valor, Joy and Harmony for grounding and uplifting – but I think it is the Gratitude that sends this blend into another realm of incredible!

To make your own Chivalry Blend, you’ll need;

  • 1 bottle each of Valor, Joy, Harmony and Gratitude
  • Add in White Angelica for an extra special sense of protection
  • An empty bottle of any of the above oils or a similar small glass bottle
  • Almond Oil


  • Drop equal amounts of Valor, Joy, Harmony, White Angelica and Gratitude into the empty bottle.  If you are using a 15ml. bottle, use about 70 drops of each of the blends.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with Almond Oil.
  • Shake well.
  • Use liberally whenever you want to improve your performance, get some extra confidence, courage and calmness for any situation or event.

I use the same methods of application for people and animals using these therapeutic grade essential oils.

Use the “wipe down” method to apply topically:

Wiping Oils from Head To Toe To Tail Tip

  • Drop several drops of the Chivalry Blend on your palm
  • Rub hands together just enough so the oils do not drip out of your hands
  • Wipe along your head, shoulders, arms, torso, down your legs and feet, paws
  • Use as often as needed
  • Enjoy!

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Article Written by Sandy Rakowitz

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