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– Want your life and work with animals to reflect your spiritual and life purpose more fully, deeply and authentically?


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For over 20 years Sandy Rakowitz, practitioner, teacher and  author has been a passionate advocate of holistic support for people and animals. 


About  Sandy Rakowitz

SR Ibis EH1Sandy Rakowitz of One Heart Healing Center for People & Animals in Charlottesville, VA began her career with animals as a teenager while training and showing horses in the NorthEast “A” circuit winning numerous championships and Regional Year End Awards. She then became a riding instructor as a young adult.  By her late 20‘s she discovered the innovative and life changing methods of Centered Riding and Tellington TTouch with horses.

Continuing with an in depth exploration of many complementary modalities of healing, Sandy became one of the pioneers in translating and integrating Brennan Energy Healing Medicine for people with animals by her mid-thirties.   Sandy has since become an expert with a number of methods using intuitive and natural methods for people as well as with animals.

Sandy is a graduate and former faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with people.  The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is the top of the “Ivy League” of energy healing medicine schools.  She has also developed expertise in Tellington TTouch with Horses, Companion Animals and People, therapeutic essential oils, flower essences and hospice with people and animals in addition to the Chakra and Energy Systems for people and animals.  She embraces and draws from numerous spiritual traditions.

Through private sessions, coaching, classes, workshops and speaking events, Sandy offers empowerment and insights to awaken women who love animals to their natural gifts.  She has developed a synthesis of unique approaches to help women:
Learn What Their Animals Are Saying, Integrate Holistic Tools for Animal Wellness, and to Help Women Who Love Animals To Access Their Natural Skills and Soul’s Purpose.

A Note from Sandy:
“I love to share what I have learned. I’m
dedicated to helping people and animals create wellness.  Let me help you experience the sense of confidence and empowerment that comes from your own internal wellspring of strengths and resourceful, intuitive wisdom!
Learn what your animals are saying, gain holistic tools for health and behavior
wellness and awaken your natural gifts and life purpose, with the animals you love!”


One Heart Healing Center for People and Animals in Charlottesville, Virginia
is dedicated to providing services with an integrated approach.
The Center’s purpose is to help people and animals
to learn, grow and live vibrantly,
and to co-exist more peacefully
with greater compassion and understanding.


What clients are saying:

“Sandy, you offer a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere to explore some often very emotional issues. Thank You.”

“Sandy opened my eyes and heart into viewing “things differently” in our world. Through her, I have learned how to understand my dogs in a way that I never thought possible. I have more understanding, therefore more patience for our most loving companions. It has definitely made me a better person and I believe a better trainer.”

“When I started working with Sandy, I was completely stressed out, ridden with grief and trying very hard to find some new direction in life.  I didn’t have a clear agenda, I just wanted to start feeling better.  And little by little, I did.  The conversations with Sandy offered new perspectives on things that were holding me back, and as her advice simmered over the weeks, I’d start noticing changes.   I started to see myself reacting to situations quite differently.  I started feeling more centered, feeling better about where I am.  Instead of making myself miserable by not finding a new direction, I started to settle into where I am, slow down, take things one at a time and not worry so much about the future.  I’ve wound up in a much better place that has led me to more of a focus on taking care of myself.”  Kristin ~ Virginia


“Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something.
It’s our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit.”
~ Mary Lou Retton